About Us


Aspire’s Vision
We aspire to engage and unite our community to impart an optimal health message that develops youth who are educated, equipped, and empowered to build healthy relationships and families.

Aspire’s Mission
Aspire exists to share the life changing message of healthy relationships by providing youth with the skills & encouragement needed to avoid risky behaviors & make healthy choices.

Aspire’s Program Values
Healthy Self — based on self-discovery, self-care, self-respect, self-control
Healthy Relationships — based on awareness, character, communication & boundaries
Healthy Decisions — based on purpose, responsibility, accountability & risk avoidance
Healthy Marriages — based on commitment, support, faithfulness & conflict resolution
Healthy Families — based on unconditional love, safety, stability & guidance
Healthy Communities — based on teamwork, celebrating diversity, unity & connection

The RIVER (Reaching Intentional Victory, Expecting Reality) Project is a school based, risk-avoidance program that encourages teens to be intentional about avoiding risk and choosing health – despite the confusing reality of being a teen today. The RIVER Project empowers teens to make informed decisions regarding relationships, goals, media influence, communication, dating and sexual health. The RIVER Project equips students to stay clearheaded & intentional on the way to their future, staying away from the drama of drug use, unhealthy relationships & sex too soon. The RIVER Project utilizes research-based curriculum REAL Essentials from the Center for Relationship Education.


Citrus County youth are more likely to participate in high-risk behaviors than youth overall in Florida. According to the Safe and Drug-Free Schools Evaluation of Citrus County, in 2010 34% of youth ages 10-17, reported having one or more alcoholic drinks nearly everyday, compared to the overall state average of 30%. Citrus County youth also have higher usage rates for cigarettes & illicit drugs than the overall statewide usage rates for this age group. Research has continued to reveal a correlation between these high-risk behaviors and more serious life challenges, including the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases, dating & domestic violence, and teen pregnancy. Currently in the U.S., ¼ sexually active teens will get an STD,[1] and teen birth rates are higher in Citrus than both state & national averages.[2]


How can at-risk youth learn to thrive both now and in the future? This program empowers teens to live, love and lead well. We believe that healthy relationships create healthy families, which are the backbone of a healthy community.

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