Aspire Parent/Significant Adult Presentations

Over the past eleven years, I taught history. I loved telling stories and watching students fall in love with the subject.

In my AP US History class every year we’d encounter the “Sexual Revolution.” As one can imagine, students had questions and were extremely interested in the topic. I realized despite my great love for history, I’d rather talk about these topics with students.  Most students lacked any guideposts or even clear ideas about human sexuality. 

Year after year, a great majority of my high school students said they never talked about sex in detail with their parents or within their families. And many reported never being given the “talk;” they had to learn about sex from their friends, the Internet, and social media. Many had no clarity of their own opinions or future plans. Time and again, they expressed frustration at not really knowing what to think because of so many mixed messages. From what their friends said, to what they knew their parents’ experiences were, to what media proliferates, students expressed intense confusion about what to them seemed to be a life topic they desperately needed to understand. 

Outside of school, I’d encounter parents who would ask how to talk to their teens about sex. Parents expressed concern and lack of clarity about reaching their kids regarding such a vital topic. The reality is clear: Sex is one of the most significant subjects for youth to learn about, yet many parents and caregivers stumble around the subject and even neglect to teach about sex because of fear, embarrassment, or their own choices. Aspire is here to help. Join us for a one-hour parent presentation where we help you understand how important it is for our youth to learn about relationships and sexual health. Aspire desires to equip parents and significant adults as they support youth to make decisions that protect them physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially, and financially. We’d also love to give you a taste of what we do in the classroom to help support you and your youth. Please visit our page and register for a presentation. Now is the time for us to partner together to set our youth on a healthy path toward adulthood.