Online Summer Resources

It’s officially summer time here in Citrus County! With school being out for the summer, hotter temperatures and revised social distancing, it can be difficult to hang out with friends and find things to do!  At Aspire, we want your summer to be a positive time full of meaningful relationships and fun experiences. Here is… Read more »

Journaling to Learn about Yourself

Have you ever received a gift that you didn’t use? A journal is that gift with its crisp, blank paper waiting to receive mind-blowing creativity and inspiration. You received the journal, complemented its beauty, and thanked the giver. Sure, the journal looked appealing. You tried writing on the first few pages, made lists, or even… Read more »

STD’s and COVID-19

  There’s a popular meme going around the Internet at the moment that says “2020: Have you tried unplugging it and plugging it back in?” Although this statement is trivial and lighthearted it reflects a deeper issue of our hearts at the moment. With news of social distancing and the spread of COVID-19, we are… Read more »

Back to School!

We can hardly believe that summer 2017 is drawing to a close, and it’s time to look toward a fresh school year! As always, we have a schedule that is jam-packed with classes and groups that share the message of healthy relationships with Citrus County teens. We will be at the 3 public high schools,… Read more »

Summer 2017

Summer is the sweet time of year, with thunderstorms, heat waves, and lots of outdoor fun to be had! However, we know that without the structure of school, students often struggle to find healthy ways to spend their summer. Our team worked hard this year to provide ample opportunities for young people in Citrus County… Read more »

Parents Matter!

We know that parents are the #1 influence in a teen’s life, but what if all you’re met with is resistance? It’s time to shake up our communication approach! Although compelling research overwhelmingly shows that parents are the strongest influence in a teen’s life, sometimes those in a parenting role do not connect and communicate… Read more »