We strive as a team here at Aspire to help prevent teens and young adults from making decisions that they not only may later regret, but decisions that potentially will have life long lasting effects. We share the most up to date information and statistics while also staying personable and giving real-life situations and stories. Too often we are approached by students stating that they have already gone down a road of regret and are unsure that they can change their paths; but how truly wrong they are. While we strive to prevent, we all also strive for change and guidance. Making sure each student knows we are always there for them; whether it be just an ear to hear them when they feel no one else does, or a resource to help guide them to where they need to go and what they need to do. A reminder that they are human and while we like to prevent mistakes and regret, they may still occur and when they do, that does not instantly carve out the rest of their future. Giving emphasis to them that they do not need to stay stuck in the past, inevitably bringing their regret into their present and future, but to learn, grow, and let go.

“Fall shows us how beautiful it is to let things go.”