Without healthy relationships, people suffer. We provide the education and support needed to practice and experience healthier relationships that lead to better lives. 

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping Citrus County youth and families flourish. 

Today, many youth and families are not flourishing. Rates of depression and anxiety are up. Substance abuse is ravaging our community. Broken families are the norm. Students are struggling to make healthy choices. 

Many of the struggles are a result of broken relationships. When people are not able to form healthy relationships and find connection, they often turn to things like drugs, sex, social media, and other potentially unhealthy means of connection. 

Citrus County needs relationship education and support in order to flourish.

With over 10 years of experience in relationship education, we provide relationship education and support to youth all over Citrus County as well as the important people in their lives (parents, teachers, caregivers, etc.). 

Learn more about how we serve youth and the adults in their lives , and join us in our mission to help Citrus County flourish.